Weezer: Weezer and Pinkerton

This post is in the theme “A Long Waltz Through Nerddom”. Read the first.

August 16, New York: I first heard (watched) Weezer when the “Buddy Holly” and “Undone” videos were all over TV. I hated it. These preppy guys with their poppy songs. I couldn’t imagine a music that was further from what I wanted to be (long-haired and thrashing). I rediscovered Weezer in college and fell in love. This was music for nerds! This was nerd music coming out of the closet!

“In the Garage” is the song that nails it: “I’ve got a dungeons master’s guide / I’ve got a 12 sided die / I’ve got Kitty Pryde / and Nightcrawler too / waiting there for me.” And that over distorted guitar. It’s a sound that’s cool and lyrics that are decidedly not. This is one of those moments in which being a nerd or being a geek was suddenly accessible to the mainstream. A premonition of Comic Con being the central event of the film industry. Of The Lord of the Rings movies making hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office.

My guitar-strumming college friends loved to play Weezer and every time the guitar came out we would all be belting along to “El Scorcho”. “Well goddamn you half Japanese girls / you do it to me ev-e-ry time.” I have a particularly fond memory of being on a train in Austria heartily singing “El Scorcho” in compeition with the Christian folk songs of a church group.

When I listen to this album now, I still just want to sing along to every single song, head banging all the way, face screwing up in ‘rock music face’. I can recall every word, every note.

Rediscover your inner nerd released with the blue album and Pinkerton.

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