Twin Peaks

January 17, New York: Twin Peaks is the only media in this project that might have gotten short shrift. I watched a couple of episodes today, the last day, and felt unfinished with it. The truth is, I don’t think I ever planned to watch the whole of Twin Peaks— I remembered the long slow drone of the second season, but nonetheless this didn’t feel like enough.

The first season of Twin Peaks feels more like modern television than it does TV of its time. Each episode is a full day, each episode advances the narrative. There are a multitude of characters, all with secrets slowly revealed over time. And then woven into the whole thing is David Lynch.

Special Agent Dale Cooper might be one of the best characters in television history. He loves a damn fine cup of coffee, he’s curious about the trees, and he’s a hell of an investigator. I loved watching him enter town again for the first time. Other characters are fine, too, but they almost all are outlined with a thick brush of camp. One of the hallmarks of the show. That and the fact that there are so many stunningly beautiful women living in this tiny mountain town.

I’m excited to see this series come back, what they might do with it.

You can actually watch Twin Peaks in its entirety on Netflix.

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