This Is Spinal Tap

August 31, New York: The funny thing about Spinal Tap is how great the music is. Don’t get me wrong, the lyrics are rotten. But man they are playing some really fantastic rock and roll. Also, they are hilarious. Christopher Guest as Nigel gives the best dim-witted rocker the world has ever seen. Yet his face every time he plays a solo, that genuine excitement, the ‘holy crap I’m doing this, I’m really doing this’ makes you love him.

Coming from the video production generation, I’m always impressed to see improvisation shot on film. You have to have enormous confidence in your cast to roll expensive, expensive film on a couple of actors goofing around. And here, it works wonderfully. Left to his own devices, Christopher Guest will deliver line after line after line of pure gold.

The songs, though puerile, are so catchy. I woke up the next morning with “Sex Farm” stuck in my head. I even, at one point, bought the Spinal Tap CD and listened to it… as music. But the film is really the gem. I could watch this movie a hundred more times in my life. And I probably will.

Buy Spinal Tap and brace yourself from some Heavy (heavy) duty (duty) heavy duty, rock and roll.

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