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Wet Hot American Summer

July 27, New York: There are a small handful of movies from which you know every single word of dialogue, every funny gesture, every use of an inappropriate sound effect. Wet Hot American Summer is one of those films for me. Its most innocuous and forgettable phrases have worked their way into my regular lexicon— when Coop follows a muttered “I want you inside me” with “You know, from before”, that latter is a phrase I still work in regularly. These uses began as inside jokes with friends and co-watchers, but now just lurk in my speaking RAM, unavoidably accessed.

This is confusing because Wet Hot American Summer is not the blockbuster cult classic it deserves to be. Where a catchphrase from The Big Lebowski can elicit a knowing chuckle (“Does the Pope shit in the woods?”), the same isn’t true here.

Let’s fix this.

Here are three great reasons to watch this movie:

  • This movie has an incredible cast (Hello Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Janeane Garofolo, Michael Ian Black, Elizabeth Banks, etc., etc.) and they seem to be having such fun together.
  • The montages are amazing (particularly the trip into Waterville).
  • Above every other reason I recommend seeing this movie, it is to see this one single scene with the most amazing performance you will ever see Paul Rudd give. It’s cinematic gold.

Buy the damn DVD, rent the damn digital copy, I don’t care how you do it, just get yourself and all your friends up to speed on all the incredible jokes that we can all share chuckles about.