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August 14, New York: I never delved exceptionally deep into anime. I watched and appreciated most of the hits, but I rarely invested much in a series or repeatedly watched a film unless it was something really special. Usually it had to be something that explored consciousness, identity, or human evolution. (Get ready for the post on Evangelion.)

Akira is that in spades. A Gibsonian dystopia serves as the backdrop for the next evolution of the human race. But on top of that it is just so visually appealing. Akira is so beautiful, so mysterious, so dense. From that opening sequence with the motorcycles light trails and the different planes of skyscrapers, the movie keeps on being a visual masterpiece. Gorgeous to watch.

I truly am a sucker for any text about human evolution or the nature of the universe, a fictional exploration of epistemological questions. (In college I wrote a senior Philosophy thesis on consciousness.) Combine that with a beautiful work of film (my other college degree) and I am y.o.u.r.s.

You should have already seen Akira and you should see it again. If you’ve not seen Akira, this is an emergency and must be rectified immediately.