Silverchair: Frogstomp

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August 3, New York: Everyone has their teenage music. Some of it might be good, might be of epochal importance in the history of music. Much teenage music falls into an age where popular music is beyond redemption (looking at you, poor kids of today). I was lucky to have both grunge and gangster rap in my teenage years. But even in those, there were forgettable albums. I bring you Silverchair’s Frogstomp.

This is perfect teenage music: the band itself is composed entirely of teenagers! Fifteen, sixteen years old and playing a pastiche of the music they loved. Daniel Johns sings like Eddie Vedder, every possible string (bass included) is distorted, just like Nirvana. They were a couple of teenagers making the music that they loved.

Look at how young these kids are!

I listened to this album, on repeat, in my headphones for the entirety of books 1 through 5 of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. It’s a good collection of books, though not quite great enough to be included here. I was slightly disappointed that this re-listen didn’t evoke any of the imagery of the books.

My dismissals of teenage music aside, this is pretty rad grunge. And they were some talented kids, if unoriginal in their first album. God knows I did worse at fifteen.

Buy yourself some teenage music and sink into head-banging nostalgia.

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