Ryan Adams: Heartbreaker

November 1, Amtrak NYP-WAS: Aaron Kyle originally gave me Heartbreaker during our Music Exchange. It was only fitting that it would be sitting with him in a bar in New York that I would hear “To Be Young”, then have it stuck in my head for a week, and then decide it was the right time to write this album up for the Thirty-Three Project.

I wore holes in that CD Aaron Kyle gave me, particularly when I moved from LA to San Francisco. The melancholy mood fit me fine, in a new city with no friends, permanently wrapped up in fog. And despite all the other times I listened to Heartbreaker, it somehow became a moving soundtrack for me. It was the same, packing up and moving to DC and then to New York. Especially to New York, the unspoken character in the background of all of these songs.

There are so many fantastic songs here and so much incredibly lyricism. I mean, damn Sam do I love “Damn Sam (I Love a Woman Who Rains)”. (“with talented breeze that blow off your hat with a sneer.”) And “Come Pick Me Up”: “I wish you would / come pick me up / take me out / fuck me up / steal my records / screw all my friends / they’re all full of shit / with a smile on your face / and then do it again”. So good. This is a great album for being young (“and when you’re young you get sad”) in love with everything and anyone and, well, if you’re not young, then to dip into a slightly melancholy reminiscing. And that’s not so bad now, is it?

If you’ve never listened to this album, forget everything you’ve ever heard about Ryan Adams and buy it.

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