Pulp Fiction

May 28, San Diego: I am consuming a lot of dated material in this project. TV shows and movies especially that are irretrievably of their time. I mean that in a negative way. Pulp Fiction, you might guess, would fall into that category. What could be more 1990s than the film that launched the indie movie revolution of that and the following decade? Surely the styles grate, the wanton violence seems immature in retrospect, the flagrant criminality shocks no longer?

You would be wrong to think these things.

For Pulp Fiction remains a timeless masterwork. It exists not in the decade that birthed it, but in its own universe, one in which conversations are cooler, the people are dressed better, the music is a touch louder. Sure some people drop some f-bombs and sure some people do some drugs. But hell if this is not an amazing film. I giggled with joy as each new scene unfolded and each familiar face was revealed.

It’s so quotable— right from the first scene— ”Everybody be cool, this is a robbery!” The dialogue, the storytelling, the visual language, it’s all genius. But I think my absolute favorite part is just the on-going shop talk between John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. Talking about Europe, talking about Marsellus Wallace. Filling up time in their days in which they go about their business of yelling and shooting and etc.

Some enterprising young lady or fella put together a compilation of great bits!

Go and buy and then re-watch this movie and be so incredibly happy that you did.

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