Progress Report: July 2014

July 26, New York: Well, it’s been another good three months of media consumption. I re-read The Lord of the Rings, re-watched Independence Day, re-listened to all of Led Zeppelin, I even re-played Oregon Trail— twice! I began and completed my first theme of the Thirty-Three Project and I launched a second.

The first theme, My Aquatic Childhood and my Father the Pirate, was a wellspring of sentimental reminiscence and dusty old feelings. I found many forgotten emotions lurking in familiar titles. It included such highlights as:

Let’s see how we’re doing by the numbers:
TV shows: 4 of 12 | 33 percent
Albums: 12 of 55 | 22 percent
Books: 11 of 41 | 27 percent
Movies: 10 of 38 | 26 percent
Games: 1 of 4 | 25 percent
Total 38 of 150 | 25 percent

Much better than last quarter’s “11 percent”, but still a bit off the mark. I need to get caught up! I will make my goal for the next quarter to reach 66 percent. It’ll be an awful lot of reading, watching, and listening between now and October. But even then I’m a bit worried about getting through this whole list. In the last three months, I did tackle some of the meatier titles— The West Wing and The Lord of the Rings, though many more lurk out there— The Wire, Battlestar Galactica, and more. So though I do have a handful of new additions (as I did last quarter), I want to also pare the list down a bit. My total above reads 150, but that’s no longer true— we’re up to 159 now. I am going to amend that and keep the list locked at 150 total titles.

This month we welcome Die Hard and Goodfellas and Apocalypse Now and Akira, but we say farewell to Contempt, to Salesman, to My So Called Life and to the Mallrats soundtrack (among others).

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