Portishead: Roseland NYC Live

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August 13, New York: I get chills every time I hear the beginning of this album. Not chills from the horror-movie-soundtrack-sound, no. It’s that the symphonic treatment of this album is just incredible. It’s smooth, it’s spooky, but above all it’s EPIC. Unlike most live albums with a symphonic backing, this one sounds like it was meant to be this way. As if Portishead should always have been a 31 piece ensemble.

Portishead is the one artist discovered in the techno phase that followed my friend Chris and me into adulthood. It perhaps bridged the gap into our next obsession with female singers. I think this is music without genre, wholly unique and timeless.

One time Chris told me he sang karaoke with Beth Gibbon. I’ve never decided if I believed him or not. There was another time he told me that a meteor was going to strike the earth by the end of the week and I believed him for half the day. Hard to say if the karaoke story is the same category or not. But I was super jealous.

Holy crap, watch the whole thing on YouTube:

I don’t know what a “trip hop” is, but I know this album is great. Buy it on the ol’ Internet.

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