Led Zeppelin

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June 7, New York: I did something rare the other day. I was alone in a hotel room and I put on the best headphones I own, laid down on the bed, and just listened to music for the next 45 minutes. I never do that, music is always in the background for me, but it seemed like Led Zeppelin required it.


Part of the inspiration for the Thirty-Three Project comes from a friend of my friend Joe Maidenberg. Joe’s friend felt that he had been over-exposed to Led Zeppelin in his life and that that had cheapened the music for him. So he took a monastic vow to listen to no Zeppelin for ten years. Ten years! He would never put it on, if it came up in shuffle he’d skip it, if it came on in a room he would politely excuse himself. Until one day ten years later he threw a party and he listened to Led Zeppelin as if wholly new. And lo, but it blew the man’s mind.

I’m having more of that happen with non-musical media, but still this was an incredibly special experience. To lay back and listen to nothing but this album is an enormous treat. Everything about it, every single song, is just perfect. My Dad and I had a moment with this album where he caught me singing along to some Led Zeppelin radio single (probably off of IV; everything is off of IV) and he sat me down in front of the record player and made me listen to this in its entirety. My, how one tiny mind was blown that day.

Over the next few days I listened to the rest of the discography as well and it was all spectacular. Hard-charging “Immigrant Song” and “Achilles Last Stand” are old favorites. The Tolkien references throughout were welcome as I was re-reading The Lord of the Rings. “Thank You” we played at my Dad’s funeral.

But the first album is just… is just… I think it might be the most perfect album.

You own it already. But if you don’t, buy it immediately. Then listen to it with your headphones on and grin like goon the whole damn 45 minutes, just like me.

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