Highlander (TV Series)

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June 7, New York: Queen’s “Princes of the Universe” is quite possibly the most awesome TV series theme song ever, ever used. “Heeeeeere we are, born to be kings…” Lucky break to have Queen write a soundtrack song for the movie your TV series is a spin-off from. Actually, two lucky breaks— because the Highlander also features “Who wants to live forever” (Awesome).

Quick review: Highlander was a movie staring Christopher Lambert. In it a secret society of Immortals live among us but, TWIST, “there can be only one”. So when they meet, they fight. And as an Immortal can only be killed by beheading, fighting means totally radical swordplay. There were a handful of Highlander films, and this show, which was a spin-off. In the first episode Lambert appears to hand-off/lend credibility to his clansman of the Clan Macleod (Adrian Paul— TOO handsome).

Highlander the TV Show is kind of the perfect awesome 1990s serial action drama. Remember, in the 90′s we weren’t allowed to have multi-episode story arcs like we do now (unless it was sweeps). So every episode had to be self-contained while feeling like it was advancing a greater plot. The Highlander universe allows for a perfect self-contained show. Every episode you have a new villain, another Immortal that Duncan Macleod must face off against. Which also means you’re going to have an awesome swordfight at the end of the show. Since Duncan has lived for 450 years, every episode also has a parallel arc at some point in the past: the Civil War, the French Revolution, literally ANY time. And then for the really big episodes you can trot out the second Queen song (or later in the show “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas).

I used to watch this show live on broadcast television with my Dad *every* night it came on. My Mom was traveling a lot in my tween years and so this was a regular ritual for Dad and I: make a ‘guys’ dinner (tuna casserole or fish sticks) and watch Duncan Macleod kick some ass with his katana. Watching TV was a big deal in our house; neither of my parents really liked TV or live sports so we never just plopped down and watched a bunch of shows. This was a special ritual for a special show.

I am not going to send you to Amazon this time. I am going to send you to Netflix where this show is available IN ITS ENTIRETY on streaming.

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