Dazed and Confused

August 30, New York: Let me start by saying this was not my experience of high school. Not really even close. I would have been Adam Goldberg if anybody. Certainly not Randy ‘Pink’ Floyd. And definitely not Matthew McConaughey. “All right, all right, all right.”

I watched this for the first time in college and we laughed at how people did it in the bad old days, and then my roommate Andy from Texas told us it was all still true. His senior year of high school he got grounded when he taped a naked freshman to a lightpole. He spent his punishment in his bedroom reading Das Kapital in protest. Andy was an awesome dude. Texas is a crazy place.

The best thing about this movie is you keep getting older and it stays the same age, yes it does. It so enjoyable to watch this film. Everyone is so authentic, the music is the best, the dialogue is so natural (and often improvised, apparently). And have I mentioned Matthew McConaughey? Holy crap, he’s so good.

All right, all right, all right. Watch it again.

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