Belle and Sebastian: If you’re feeling sinister

March 10, New York: (Note, I did the listening to this album a week ago on my flight from New York to London).

I spent three years of my life not listening to Belle and Sebastian and I couldn’t tell you why. At some point in my sophomore year of college it seemed like all of my friends were listening to this album and it became a point of pride for me, a part of my burgeoning adult identity, to eschew its advances. It was attached somehow to an effort to bring masculinity more to the fore— a period marked by a penchant for cheap whiskey and unflitered cigarettes. But I think I probably always knew that my friends were right (literally none of them joined me on my anti-Belle and Sebastian crusade) and now I love love love this album and I hate the wasted years I missed not listening to these songs.

If you’re feeling sinister is such a beautiful album for a Sunday morning, even though I’m spending this one above the Atlantic. It’s like a light afghan you pull from the back of the couch when you lay down with your first cup of coffee and begin to ease into the day. I used to actually fall asleep to this album and The boy with the Arab Strap they were so familiar and comforting to me.

I’m so happy I finally came around on this album. It’s been a beautiful soundtrack to so many Sundays past and so many Sundays yet to come.

You can buy this album, like all things in this world, from Jeff Bezos’ little digital corner store.

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