A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn

November 2, An Amtrak from WAS to NYP: I love history. It was one of my favorite subjects (turns out it’s just a narrative) all the way through middle and high school. So much so, in fact, that even when my high school didn’t offer an AP World History, I studied for the test and took it anyway. (I think I got a 3.)

Having had all that history schoolin’, I remember it as an unalloyed treasure to discover Howard Zinn’s essentially alternate history of the American story. Flipping the perspective on the big moments (what did it look like from the beach as Columbus sailed up) and highlighting the events that didn’t make the AP US History test (we spent very little time on the Wobblies, for some reason). This is such important data. Even if you don’t agree with Zinn’s politics, he is writing about topics that in their time shaped our country but have since been left out.

It was great to re-read this today and is exactly the type of book I want to return to.

Read this book! It’s interesting!

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